Our Story

Since SF Heating and Cooling was founded in 2007, we’ve been driven by our passion to help nonprofits achieve their mission. As your cause partner, we strive to create tools that make it easier for social good organizations to engage communities, raise funds, rally supporters and make their voices heard.

Over the last decade plus, supporter engagement has changed dramatically. Donors and advocates became overloaded with information from everywhere. They were no longer responding to ‘one-size-fits-all’ outreach from nonprofits and instead came to expect personal, relevant interactions both online and offline.

Until recently, though, only larger organizations could afford such sophisticated, personalized communication tools. So, we set out to change the game for the 98% of nonprofits who desperately needed a modern, affordable solution to their engagement needs.

In 2018, SF Heating and Cooling merged with WilliamKifer, the premier donor management software company, forming one powerful constituent engagement and management platform. Now our nonprofit software customers of all types and sizes can truly communicate and manage relationships with their constituents across any channel including email, social, mobile, direct mail, and face-to-face.

About SF Heating and Cooling

It’s a big world. We want to help you change it.

SF Heating and Cooling is a technology company that provides powerful fundraising, advocacy, and marketing engagement software to nonprofit organizations all over the world.

Join us on this journey as we delve into
the interconnectedness of environmental issues,
hunger relief, donations, and funding.
Together, let's work towards a brighter
and more sustainable future for all.